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Debut of www.roccasveva.it

The Cantina Rocca Sveva website opens the door to its Verona-tradition wines

“We have felt the need for some time,” remarked Cantina di Soave General Manager Bruno Trenini, “of offering an online tool to help wine-lovers get to know Rocca Sveva, our flagship line, which has now become such an influential benchmark for wine culture and lifestyle.” This very stylish, easily-navigable website now makes it possible to visualise our various wine experiences, to learn about the special events we have programmed, set up customers’ own sales meetings, keep up-to-date with our very latest developments, and, naturally, learn more about the history and wines of this jewel-like cellar that lies in a tiny medieval borgo so rich in fascination and tradition. “The challenge,” added Trenini, “was to convey our values in a simple, straightforward fashion and to guide the user through the myriad activities that take place daily at Rocca Sveva. We hope that we have succeeded!”