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Soave Classico Rocca Sveva: a limited edition for the walls of Soave

“A tribute to our area, a concrete project benefiting our town”

Cantina di Soave is taking a leading role in a project benefitting Soave’s historic city walls, an initiative in collaboration with the town of Soave, launched exactly one year ago and that is now showing fine fruit.

Soave, a town rich in history, was awarded in 2003 the Touring Club of Italy’s Bandiera Arancione (Orange Flag) in recognition of its excellence in tourism, hospitality and the environment. A major asset of the town is the set of walls that embrace its majestic castle and the medieval borgo beneath it, a cultural heritage that the Cantina di Soave committed to preserve. For this purpose, it designed a special bottle of the most iconic wine in its most prestigious brand.

On the occasion of the 2019 Vinitaly and the City that will take place in Soave, the Cantina will officially debut the new vintage of this limited edition of Soave Classico Rocca Sveva.

Anyone may participate in this project by purchasing one or more bottles, which are available both in the Wine Shop at Cantina Rocca Sveva and online at www.roccasvevashop.it, since Cantina di Soave will donate part of the sale proceeds to the restoration of the city walls.

This year’s limited-edition bottle of “Soave per le mura” (Soave for the Walls) still bears the original crenelated label, but a gilded capsule is a new element that should enthuse collectors. Those aficionados certainly include the 11 “Ambassadors of the Walls” named by the town, businesses representing a range of interests, including the volunteer, construction, restaurant, and tourism sectors, all of whom pledged to support the cause by purchasing a significant quantity of the limited-edition bottles.

«Right from its long-ago beginnings in 1898 – remarked the Chairman Roberto Soriolo – Cantina di Soave has always been proud of its intimate bond with this area and with its local community, and over its 120 years of history, we have remained steadfast in our sense of responsibility. It is our hope that, thanks as well to the collaboration with the Strada del Vino, this project supporting the walls’ preservation will grow and expand even more widely. It would be truly wonderful if the local wine producers would join forces, aware that every bottle of Soave – quite apart from who produces it- contains the quintessence of our growing area, which is precious and deserves preservation».